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BASF is the world’s leading chemical company and supply a great number of high quality products, including chemicals, plastics, intermediates, coatings, agricultural products & nutrition, dispersant performance chemicals, oil and gas products, and so on.
Total of Cray Valley (TCV) is a variety of unique basis for a global chemical manufacturer specializing in low molecular weight functional additives on. Including functional diene-based polymers, styrene - maleic anhydride copolymer (meth) acrylic acid, metal functional monomer, C5 aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon-based resin, C9 feed streams can provide a variety of adhesive application rubber and thermoplastics industries. We work closely with our customers, our goal is to provide them with the best solutions to meet the latest needs of the market.
RüTGERS group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of chemical raw materials made from coal tar and has eight international production sites. We produce essential raw materials such as hydrocarbon resins etc.
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