Corporate Responsibility

We believe in Charity —— Be an“Outstanding Corporate Citizen”


Since its founding, Red Avenue Group always upheld the concept that charity was the responsibility and obligation of an enterprise, and took active part in the social services work, continuously using part of the profit of the enterprise to donate to various social needs.
In the past 10-plus years, we actively supported and participated in the “Aiyou Child” program of AiyouHuaxia Charity Foundation, saving over 600 children’s lives with congenital heart disease. Together with Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation, we provided financial aid for hundreds of girls of primary school, students in high school and college students in “Red Avenue Pearl Class”, helping them finish their school learning, and increased the program quantity of “Red Avenue Pearl class” annually. Together with Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, we provided training continuously for the pediatricians in poverty-stricken areas and treated the children with heart disease in the poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan. We have built 15 Red Avenue Hope schools and Red Avenue Glory schools in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Qinghai, Guangdong and Ningxia, etc., and developed school aid activity in tens of schools of Chenduo of Yushu of Qinghai and Sino-Vietam Frontier Region in Guangxi, regularly giving out “Red Avenue grant-in-aid” to the school children faced with stopping schooling in poverty-stricken families, with the total assisted children of over 3,000.
Red Avenue Group has ever joined hands with such public service organizations as the Hope Project, Glory Society, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and One Foundation, with the charity activities involving such programs as volunteer teaching, disaster relief, student scholarship, student subsidies, parturition salvation of poor mother, heart disease treatment, leukemia treatment and bone marrow donation, gradually forming the charity public welfare system with the three aspects of “life care, education care and disadvantaged care” as the subject.
Over the past years, we achieved our promise in the charity public welfare filed with persistent efforts, striving to make more patients get treatment, more teenagers out of school return to school and more poor families relive happiness. It is our biggest wish and our greatest responsibility and obligation to Chinese Charity Public Good to help more vulnerable groups.
In 2012, Red Avenue Foundation was officially established. Social responsibility is our promise. We firmly believe that it is the optimal route to combine kindheartedness and benefaction closely and actively participate in the public welfare charity to build a harmonious society and inherit humanistic care. It is the big love of our enterprise and employees to realize our promise to the charity and public welfare with the most realistic and timely actions.


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