Red Avenue now is seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with an excellent profession background to join us for joint development. We will supply high salary, good at welfare, excellent opportunities of training and development. If you are self-confident, keen to develop for more vast future and willing to challenge yourself, Red Avenue will dedicate significant resource and offer equal opportunities to carry out your ideal.


If you are the candidate with such qualifications and looking for a challenge job, please download and send the following document to us.

    -Application Form in Chinese version
    -Application Form in English Version
    - A photo in 2 inch Size
    - Resume
    - Degree Certification
    - Copy of ID card
    - Other related Document


   Address: 9/F, Citigroup Tower, 33, Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road., Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120,China

   Please indicate your application position on the envelope.
   Email: hr@rachem.com


   More Details:


   Shanghai Position


   Beijing Position

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