Second session of “pediatric specialist training for midwest regions” completed sponsored by Red Avenue Group

On Oct 29th 2014, the second session of “pediatric specialist training for mid-west regions” operated by Xin Hua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine was completed. The project of “pediatric specialist training for midwest regions” is sponsored by Red Avenue Group Ltd.for three years. Providing professional pediatric training for China's central and western regions free of charge, this project aims to improve medical care level and standardized diagnosis and treatment capacity, which bears far-reaching significance for the benefit of children in rural areas of China.


A total of 35 doctors of 32 hospitals from 13 provinces/autonomous regions were enrolled in this training session, among whom 3 hold senior title and 19 hold middle title.  Xin Hua Hospital provided its pediatric resources in clinical medical treatment, scientific research and teaching.  The trainees were arranged to rotate in nine sub-specialties of pediatrics department (including respiratory, cardiology, neurology, emergency medicine, hematology, nephrology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, and neonatology), pediatric neurosurgery department, rehabilitation department, child healthcare department and pediatric orthopedics department.  Sixteen chief physicians, 16 deputy chief physicians and 27 attending doctors were involved in this training session. The trainees have significantly improved their diagnosis and treatment capacity.



In the graduation ceremony, Vice president Li Jinsong and Director of Medical Affairs Chen Lei made summaries of this training and awarded “excellent refresher physicians”.  Heads of relevant departments and representative excellent refresher physician also made speeches.  They encouraged each other to make joint efforts and make new contributions to Chinese pediatrics development.

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