Red Avenue Group 14th Anniversary Trip To Japan

Established in 1999, Red Avenue Group has gone through 14 years.

14 years of continuous development that is inseparable from both the support of our customers and our employees’ enthusiasm and dedication to this cause.

14 years with the concept of “growing together with customers and growing together with employees” deeply ingrained into the hearts of each Red Avenue person.  This concept can be found throughout the development of our entire enterprise.

When the people of Red Avenue devote their youth and strength to their work, the company creates many opportunities that allow employees to discover the world, find one another and gain international perspectives.

For Red Avenue Group’s 14th Birthday, the company along with all of its employees celebrated in Japan!  We got a taste of the beautiful scenery of Osaka & Kyoto, experienced the local customs and enjoyed an anniversary party where Red Avenue’s very own versatile employees gave wonderful performances.  This trip added many more beautiful memories to our company’s heritage….

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