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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to RedAvenue Group website information processing method and related rights and obligations of the explanation. Update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and subject to Terms of Use requirements. Check periodically to see changes to the Terms content. RedAvenue Group is committed to safeguarding all the visitors to visit our web site (the "Site") when the confidentiality of information and safety. As part of this commitment, users access the site without having to disclose their e-mail address, or other login information and any other personal information.



Information collection


The web server will collect your name, address, IP address, domain, browser and operating system type and version, the upstream and downstream sites and other information. Such information will be used to measure our business partners, and visits, average time spent, page views and other statistics, and other information about site visitors overall statistics, can be used for performance measurement and tracking. We will use "cookies" or "scripts" collect the above information. You can change your Internet browser settings, cancel the use of cookies and scripts. However, some of the site features will be voided.



Information Usage 


We would ask visitors (or visitors choose) to provide personal information, business information, etc. to help us meet your needs. You Any information provided on this website will be used for internal use, may apply to business partners or Renhe RedAvenue Group outside any enterprise or individual public.
We will contact you from time to time you may be interested to offer other products and services. We will cover in an email message to unsubscribe instructions so that you can later decide not to receive such e-mail or other marketing information is used.
We will be legally required court order such use, disclose, disseminate your information.
We will from time to time conduct online surveys to better understand the needs of visitors, evaluation and access experience. You have no obligation to participate in our survey. But after you choose to participate, we will use the information transformation of this website to suit your needs.



Information Security and Protection


Our dedication to protect information security. We recognized industry standards, using appropriate security measures to protect information from unauthorized access and misuse. RedAvenue Group will timely use of encryption and / or authentication tools to protect website information (such as: the use of Internet communication Secure Sockets Layer). Please note that when you send e-mail to us, no need to ensure their safety. If the content of the communication containing credit card numbers and other sensitive or confidential information, you should use the mail or telephone.



Third Party Sites


This site may contain links to business partners, distributors, advertisers, and other websites. We endeavor to provide confidentiality standards and guidelines for the same website links with us, but not our other sites responsible for the content or privacy practices.

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